In An Emergency

In the event your horse becomes ill or suffers an injury, prompt notice must be given to the claims adjuster on your policy and The EMO Agency. 

We hope the following numbers and links assist you:



The EMO Agency, Inc.

Warrenton Office: (800) 347-3552 or (540) 347-3552

EMO West: (818) 848-0443

After Hours: (800) 347-3552


adjuster: great american

If your insurance policy begins with "A" please call Great American Insurance Group: (800) 331-0211



adjuster: StarNet

If your insurance policy begins with "QAM" please contact Berkley Equine & Cattle Claims at: (833) 734-6365 


adjuster: XL Catlin

If your insurance policy begins with "US" please call XL Catlin and Frank Aubrey Adjusting: (800) 431-1565

Emergency Procedures

  • Call your veterinarian

  • Call your adjuster and The EMO Agency and/or your EMO agent

  • Call law enforcement in the event of a theft, shooting or accident involving a vehicle - a police report is required