equine commercial general liability (CGL)

Available to professionals breeding, boarding, training, instructing, and/or operating any eligible equine facility, this policy provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties arising from declared commercial equestrian activities. 

The policy can be extended to provide on-premises coverage for independent trainers or instructors while acting within the scope of their duties at your operation. Independent instructors and trainers should obtain their own CGL coverage for activities outside of your operation. 

Should a clinician need coverage for an event at your facility, the clinician can be added to your CGL policy as Independent Trainer or Instructor. 

If you have a CGL policy, your spouse is automatically covered by the policy. If you have children that are of legal age, they need to be listed as an Additional Insured on your policy for coverage to apply unless they are an employee of your operation. Employees are an insured while working within their job descriptions. 

Only activities that are declared on the application and accepted by the company are eligible for coverage. Undeclared activities are not covered.

equine personal liability (EPL)

Available to a horse owner or the lessee of a horse, this coverage is designed to provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by your personally owned or personally leased horse when used for personal or pleasure purposes. This coverage can be written as an individual policy or this coverage can be added to a CGL policy. 

EPL policies automatically include your spouse and your children of any age when written as an individual policy.

care, custody or control (CCC)

Do you know that most Commercial Liability Policies exclude coverage for death or damages to non-owned horses in your Care, Custody or Control?

This covers you if you become legally obligated to pay for damages because of the death, theft or humane destruction of a covered animal in your Care, Custody or Control.

You need this coverage if you: Board, Breed, Train or Transport. Please contact our office for a quote.

equine event

Liability coverage is available for individual horse shows, clinics or equestrian events. Coverage is provided for the actual event days declared and includes days for both setup and takedown. 

Completed application should be received in our office a minimum five days prior to the event.  Please include Competition Fact Sheet with application. 

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