10 Tips to Safeguard Your Tack

Safeguarding your tack and equipment is an important way to prevent thefts and costly losses. 

While there will still be thieves who find a way to crack even the most dedicated theft-prevention systems, most thieves prefer to be in-and-out quickly and seek out the most vulnerable facilities.

Here are 10 tips to help keep your tack and equipment safely in your possession!

  1. Lock your tack room--install a sturdy deadbolt and make sure to lock the door every night. Be sure any tack room windows are locked and secure. 
  2. Install an alarm--alarms have been shown to be an effective deterrent in tack theft. 
  3. Install motion-sensor lights above all barn doors and entrances--such lights often deter thieves before they even step foot in the barn.
  4. Change the gate code often--if your property has an electronic gate, make sure to change the code regularly. 
  5. Use a locking saddle rack--thieves work quickly, and if your saddle is locked to the rack/wall, it will be more difficult for it to be easily taken. 
  6. Lock your tack trunk--an open tack trunk can quickly be ransacked, so a lock might deter a quick grab-and-go theft. 
  7. Don't leave tack unattended--saddles are easily and quickly stolen if left next to the ring or beside a trailer at a horse show. Make sure to monitor saddles and other expensive tack at the ring and place inside a locked tack room or vehicle if you must leave it. 
  8. Lock your horse trailer--if you store tack and equipment in your trailer, make sure to have locks on all doors and use them. 
  9. Use a safe--if you store expensive medications, equine passports or other valuable paperwork in the barn, purchase a safe and place it in a closet or other less obvious location.
  10. Post "No Trespassing" signs on your property--signage shows that you're serious about unauthorized persons on your property and could deter a thief from even driving in.